Please help easy fix or bin job

Ps4 slim starts up then beebs twice then cuts off if you turn it back on it cuts off a few times then beebs twice n cuts off some times it sorts it self where u can play it for a few hours but after turning it off it starts cutting off if u try turning it on iv put knew thermo paste on cleaned the fan and concol when its running aventually and u put your hand over the power brick its warm but rest of the ps4 is cool any ideas what it can be im thinking faulty power brick/supply

It’s possible that it’s the power supply but it could also be a problem with the APU…BUT be sure to check the power cable and make sure it’s plugged in tight. You also might want to try another wall outlet.

Iv used my other ps4 leads that i know are fine and it still does it is the apu an easy fix i could do or better handing into a shop to repaire

The APU is not a very easy fix if you are new to repairs. I would suggest checking out the power supply before thinking about the APU. If the power supply is wonked up it can give the choppy performance as you described.