Please Help me to rebuild Switch Nand

First of all, I want to thank you for your hard work and support for this community. I dare to appeal to you in this way because I can not handle it in the situation that I will explain to you and I am very confused as to why I read all forums in almost similar cases. I hope you have the patience to read and maybe you can help me too. I got a switch from a friend who made the next big mistake. Switch was with cfw SXOS on system 6.1.0 and tried to update to 8.1.0 It had emunand installed. I don’t know how the bricked succeeded, without having a nand dump. Now at startup Switch gives blue screen but if i launch payload hekate in RCM mode with TegraRcmGUI, goes I could do nand dump, partitions, biskey, etc. I’ll attach pictures to see what I’ve done so far. What do I have to do to get it back to life ? I do not know how to recreate the valid nand from the data if I have. Can you explain to me that like a noob what follow the steps I need to do ? Thank you for your patience and forgiveness for my bad English language.

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Hey there,
I’m not sure if you can unbrick that Switch again. Problem is, if I understodd you correctly, that you don’t have a backup of the original, still working, 6.1.0 nand. I don’t know of a way to get it working again without that original nand backup. Dumping the current nand in my opinion is no good to you, because it already is broken and I don’t think you can fix it without knowing what exactly the problem is.

Maybe someone else knows a way to unbrick the device, but in my opinion it’s bricked and will always be. If you can get access to the original nand - sure your friend did not make a backup? - it is likely to be unbrickable.

Edit: What I think is a bit disturbing is the message you get from HacDiskMount. Did you try injecting gptrestore as payload from TegraRcmGUI? If you’re extremely lucky your GPT is just broken. Also, it’s a longshot, but try getting known good BOOT0 and BOOT1 images (those are not console specific) and try to copy those to the switch. Don’t get your hopes up, I don’t think it will work…

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I agree, the GPT is the bit that worries me. I had a once I fixed with a corrupt system partition and broken keys in prodinfo before, so not quite the same. What I did to get it to a “known good” state was to actually work to backrev the code to 6.1 then, once the partitions were stable, upgrade it back to the version it was at before. I found that version by checking the blown fuse count. The backrev would have to be done with ChoiDujour(not ChoiDujourNX) unless you can get it to boot to something like atmosphere(In which case you could use ChoiDujourNX). The important parts are the PC version ChoiDuJour only supports up to 6.1, don’t use anything newer… You’d need the firmware package as a .zip and I don’t think sharing/hosting those is legal. You’d also need the exact non-system specific keys for 6.1 with no extra keys. Those keys are also legal to share/host. I can say this, the exact key’s you’d need the values for downgrading to 6.1 are these and only these:

master_key_00 =
master_key_01 =
master_key_02 =
master_key_03 =
master_key_04 =
master_key_05 =
master_key_06 =
sd_card_kek_source =
sd_card_nca_key_source =
package1_key_00 =
header_key =
titlekek_source =
header_kek_source =
header_key_source =
package2_key_source =
aes_kek_generation_source =
aes_key_generation_source =
key_area_key_application_source =
key_area_key_ocean_source =
key_area_key_system_source =

You can find a guide on PC based downgrading at

Finally I’d also recommend the Support section on the Team AtlasNX discord. They were really cool helping me learn/troubleshoot as long as you read and follow the rules.


Hey there,
I was not aware of the possibility to downgrade manually using a PC. That certainly looks promising. I’d at least give it a try. It’s bricked anyways :smiley:

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I’ll try to see if I can handle it. I have no such advanced knowledge. Thanks

Feel free to message me if needed, I did this recently

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OK thank you very much. I’m trying to contact you

Hey there,
if whatever you do is successful, or even if it is not, it’d be great if you could post a reply here and tell us what you’ve done. Maybe it’ll help someone else some day :slight_smile:

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Hello guys.
I managed to wake the switch to life. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::crazy_face::crazy_face:
@Rudiemcska, Thank you Bro for your advice and help. I followed the steps in the tutorial, (google and find the site) and it was ok. Now I have a functional switch and thanks to your help. Great care and patience must be taken. It’s a complex tutorial and you have to follow the steps just as there. Once again I thank you all for your support.:smiling_imp:


Hey there,
thanks for telling us and congratulations on your working Switch! :smiley:

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