Please help me with my PS4

I need help figuring out why my ps4s disc drive shot out a disc after replacing the laser lens deck. When I installed the new laser lens deck the ps4 started just fine. The eye read the discs and was able to play them fine until I turned off the ps4 then back on… it spit out the disc and locked up…5 seconds later I heard the rapid ejecting sound then stopped…5 seconds later it happened again, then again, and again like clockwork until I shut the console off. It sounded like the ejecting noise was coming from the back of the disc drive near the power supply. I tried a few methods that did not work. Please help me find the actual problem. Thanks lots

I’d double check to make sure the ribbon cables to the disc drive are fully seated and not damaged in any way.

May also help to check the mechanics on the disc drive did not get jammed up or caught when the laser deck was replaced.

There are 3 cables that are a little damaged… the Blu-ray to motherboard flex ribbon cables, the laser ribbon cable and the insert eject ribbon cables. They need replacement but I cannot seem to find the right ones I need online. I have the ps4 cuh-1115A model. Do you know which ribbon cables I need or which ones would work for my model?

Unfortunately, there’s not really a good place to buy those other than what you can find on eBay. You might end up having to buy a broken disc drive that’s the same as yours and stealing the ribbon cables off of it.

Ok I was able to replace the visible damaged ribbon cables with good ones from a drive that is the same as mine…to my surprise it fixed the constant ejection problem I had. Only to run into another issue… the drive took each disc in and ejected like normal but the disc’s wouldn’t spin. I could hear the laser moving as if it’s trying to read disc’s but no spinning. It also reads Unauthorized Disc. So the drive recognizes there’s a disc, it tries to read it but there’s no spinning. The ribbon cables are replaced along with a new laser lens deck replacement so I can’t understand why this issue is occurring. Is there something I am missing or doing wrong?

Are you 100% sure you’re using a good, clean disc?

Yes. I make sure there’s no marks of any kind. Disc’s are 100% mark free

Hmmm…I’m not sure why it would be doing that. I don’t think I’ve seen that before. Hopefully someone else will see this that might be able to help.

Well… what about facebook or youtube? If I can make a video to show how it sounds and acts then post it you think someone could help me pinpoint the problem?

I need help with my ps4 its truning on and making sounds but no picture on the tv what do I do

Mate buy a busted console same model and steal it’s cables or you could look on aliexpress you can get genuine ps4 parts direct from the manufacturer in china where they are made that’s where I get harder to find parts