Please help to remove Update Blocker, PS4 5.05!

Hello guys.
I have a friend who has a PS4 with jailbreak at 5.05. Yesterday hdd from console died. It replaced with a new one, but now it asks to re-install ofw 5.05 or higher. The problem is that he has run HEN payload with Update Blocker and now he is not allowed to reinstall ofw 5.05 and gives the error “The update file is corrupted (SU-30645-8)” . I also tried with Recovery Firmwares 5.05. Is there any way to remove this Update Blocker from safe mode because we cannot start console with operating system to run payload to remove Update Blocker. Thanks in advance for your help and apologies for the bad english language.
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Finally solved it. I downloaded Recovery Firmwares 5.05 again, from DarkSoftware, checked it on onlinemd5, formatted usb stick fat 32, created the necessary folders then in safe mode I gave Initialise PS4, Reinstall System Software and managed to get an update to the end.

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Why aren’t you downloading official