Port Hdmi change but not display

Hello, I’ve just changed the hdmi port but I still can’t get a display. I noticed that some capacitors were missing next to the hdmi chip. I was wondering if this was what was preventing the display and if anyone knew their value and voltage. I’d like to point out that the hdmi chip sounds short-circuited on many of its ports, but I don’t know if this is normal, I haven’t found its datasheet. Thanks

h ttps://ibb.co/nbn1WZ5

have you checked all 19pin diode reading from the new port?
Those caps are all 0.1uF and I dont think missing those would make you have no display

Thank you for your reply
Yes, I’ve checked all the pins and here’s their value:
19- 0.581v
18- 0.567v
17- 0v
16- 0.580v
15- 0.580v
14- OL
13- 0.587v
12- 0.711v
11- 0v
10- 0.711v
9- 0.710v
8- 0v
7- 0.710v
6- 0.710v
5- 0v
4- 0.710v
3- 0.710v
2- 0v
1- 0.710v
I also checked the capacitor values next to the MN864739, could the chip be faulty?
h ttps://ibb.co/nj3VHxK

On port 7 instead of OL I have 1.896 (with the red wire on GND) and 0.03V in voltage. I don’t know where this is coming from. Do you know the reference or values of this diode? I need to change it.

h ttps://ibb.co/gr26sv8
h ttps://ibb.co/zr818pc