Port repaired V1 switch docks on 3rd party dock but not official dock

Hello! I’ve got a V1 switch that had every single USB pad ripped off by the last guy. I eventually repaired with one of the ripped traces repair ribbons. Every pin goes to where it should and reads at least under 2 ohms resistance across the filters. Charging and data work fine but docking only works on a 3rd party dock(works both ways) but not an official OLED dock. Light on the dock turns green and the TV recognizes it as a Switch, I just don’t get video. Filters check out fine, P13 diode readings on every pin are normal. Is there something the official dock looks for that the aftermarket docks aren’t? I’m leaning towards trying a different official dock but the OLED dock I’ve been using works great on 3 other switches. I also may try replacing the filters but I’d rather not since it will likely mean redoing the ripped traces ribbon. Is there anything else on the video output circuit to have a look at? Any other tips would be greatly appreciated.

Replace the pi3,even the diode reading seems good. I have seen few cases like this works on USB dongle HDMI adapter but not official dock( old type not OLED one) and I replaced the pi3usb then docking fine.

Replaced Pwhatever3 and one filter that had a tiny little chip on the edge and still no dice. Same exact symptoms. I’m leaning towards removing the port and ripped traces ribbon and trying to repair it manually.

I have no idea what the problem was with the ripped traces ribbon but I spent the last 3 days painstakingly repairing every single trace and it now docks on an official dock. Charging and data also work in both direction. It looks like a hillbilly mouth but it works!

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