Possible BLOD? Shorts on APU caps

Hey there,

I bought a PS4 Slim that wasn’t working and when I first tried it it just blinked the blue light and nothing else happened. I swapped the disk drive and power supply with known good ones but nothing.

When I opened it up I noticed someone had already attempted to fix it since ir had a lot of flux all around the motherboard. I finally noticed that all the capacitors under the APU are shorted together.

I thought that it was one of the FDMF chips since it had alot of flux around the input caps, but after dessoldering the coils, the short is still there. Any tips?

As i have seen these capacitors are shorted on every board, i,ve checked known good boards and are shorted…

Capacitors can’t be shorted to ground on both sides … that would make no sense.

I,ve checked a few xbox and ps4 boards and if you mean these caps, are shorted…

u mean shorted component around gpu or apu is normal?i have checked on my ps4 apu and laptop gpu around component. there really short component around it. very confused.

You can test with an infrared camera if one of those capacitors gets hot when under “load”. Or you can use a simpler test with Rosin Soldering and see which capacitor is with the problem. If one is really short it will be seen immediately…


Many big “capacitors” on the other side of the APU or nearby, they are in fact ceramic inductors and it is normal to must have “short”


Yep, capacitors can also be used for different things so when you test them they seem shorted but they’re actually being used that way on purpose.