Possible HDMI problem with One X


I’ve been chasing down a problem my Xbox One X has been having for a little over a month now. I’ve narrowed it down to the problem being the HDMI where my system seems like it stops sending the signal to my TV intermittently, but I’m not entirely sure that’s the problem is because I haven’t seen a video yet where the same thing happens. I have horizontal black lines that appear across the screen, the audio crackles, then both the audio and visuals cut out. This doesn’t always happen immediately when I start up the system or a game, but typically happens within 20 minutes or so. I gave a call to Microsoft support last week and the rep just suggested I buy a new one instead of sending this one in. After watching a lot of YouTube videos trying to troubleshoot the problem I ran across the Tronicsfix YouTube videos about retimer chip replacement, which brought me here.

I also read that it could possibly be the GPU going bad because I was seeing some weird issues attempting to play Fortnite where the colors in the game would momentarily flash and look really washed out.

Do you guys think this is unsalvageable and I should just buy a new system?

This is a short video of my problem on Twitter: https:// twitter. com/CaptainSkulls/status/1245232708449636354?s=20