Power issue light up then powers off within a couple of seconds?

Has anyone found a fix for the above problem yet?

I have a couple of these, and saw that Steve had a few in his xbox videos which he put aside for later.

that’s apu mate it likely needs resoldering to the board

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I think i saw an Andrew Paul video, where he fix an S with this problem, as i remember the problem were the mosfets…

This is different, I’ve had a couple of those with the mosfets, that’s when there’s no power at all, and there’s a short on the power in socket.

I have another at the moment, which has no power at all, but no short on the socket, power gets into the main board but still trying to trace where it drops.

The original one in the OP is where it powers on for a second or two then powers off.

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@ferris72 Did you end up figuring out where on the board powers drops?

Have a mobo that sounds exactly like yours