Power PS5 fan from external source?

Free PS5 with broken fan connector


I just got a free PS5 from a cousin with a broken fan connector

Apparently while trying to clean dust of it, he used too much force/too little care to remove the fan connector, and ripped the connector of the motherboard clean. To make things better, he tried to superglue the connector (facepalm) to the motherboard. Which didn’t work of course as he ripped the traces

I’m not good enough at soldering to attempt this repair, nor is there a repair shop where I live that does micro soldering (sad reality really) so I’m trying to power the fan by outside.

The PS5 does not care there isn’t a fan connected, as I can power it on and even play for a minute before a “too hot” warning comes up. The fan uses a 3 pin connector, 12v, ground, pwm. From the research I did on the web, the pwm connector needs to have a signal, or it won’t spin. Of course I don’t care for fan speed control, having it at max speed is fine by me

Any insights on what I can do/buy to power this fan?

Get a 12v pwm fan controller board, and find an external 12v source.wire with extension wire or hard wire the OG fan to the controller if needed

Thanks for the response

I assume the 12V power supply would be a simple 12V wall adapter
The 12V PWM controller is where I’m a bit lost (inexperienced). The fan has 3 wires, from what I found is red = 12v grey = pwm signal black = ground. Most controllers I found have 2 output pins, + and -. Should the red wire be connected to negative and PWM (grey) to positive?


This is something I mentioned

Thanks, I will search for something similar shipped to my region