Power supply chirping

When I plug in the power cord my console made a quiet consistent chirping noise and would not power on in any way. Now it makes the same noise but only once. I’ve tried replacing the power supply and have the same problem. As far as I know there has been no damage to the console, this problem happened out of nowhere. I found a video on YouTube of someone with the same problem if you want to hear the sound for yourself. It’s on a channel called Olandeis Coleman. Sorry for the long explanation but I hope someone can help.

Sounds like somethings arcing i’ve had two s’s burn out in a year they take the board with them when they burn out sadly xbox’s are sadly unrepairable as far as I can tell ps4’s though they can take a beating and still survive

It Sounds like a mosfet on the motherboard has failed. its found under the heatsync. You can test it with a multi meter device.