Power Supply gone?

Hi Forum Folke!

I think I know the answer already, but I’d like some hand-holding before shelling out $$.

Unit won’t turn on. AC from wall is good; power cord to unit is good.

Push power button, “beep” and a blue light for about 1 second, then off. Subsequent button presses do nothing. Can’t repeat this until about 7 seconds have elapsed, then another “beep” and blue light for one second.

Can’t start unit it safe mode; press and hold power button, I get the same “beep” but no second “beep,” even after holding for a full minute. So resetting or re-initializing is out. Can’t even upgrade firmware via USB drive because it won’t power up.

Tore unit down… everything passes both visual and “smell” test. Small 4-wire cable from PS to Mobo: 4 pin mini connector on the Mobo with 2 big solder ‘lugs’ below it. Pins are numbered 1-4, from bottom to top. Pin 1 is 4.8VDC. Pin 2 is “enable.” Pin 3 is ground. Pin 4 is also 4.8VDC. When power button is pressed, signal is sent to Mobo firmware, which turns on a transistor somewhere that “shorts” pin 1 to pin 2, which turns on the PS. As long as this “short” is held, the PS continues to output +12 VDC.

Can’t verify that the Mobo is doing it’s part, so concentrated on the PS. Fluke meter shows 12 VDC for as long as those pins are shorted. PS is rated for 12 VDC @ 13 amps… certainly enough to light an automotive light bulb, which was my idea to see if the PS was actually putting out power (as opposed to merely voltage). Used one of those voltage testers for cars: pointy prod in a clear screwdriver-like handle with a light bulb inside it, and a coiled cord with a clip at the end. With pins 1 & 2 on the Mobo connector still shorted, put the auto voltage tester in the +12 VDC PS output lugs… and all I get from the tester is a faint glow that fades, then comes up to faint glow, then fades, then comes back up to faint glow… cycling like this indefinitely. If this thing is putting out +12VDC @ 13 amps, this little automotive bulb should be lit up like the sun, no?

So, since this is the current situation (a PS that should be putting out +12VDC @ 13 amps can’t even light up a small automotive incandescent lamp), would you agree that this PS is toast??

Thanks for your input!