Power supply turns off (not capacitors issue)

I am asking you for help in repairing the power supply for the Xbox One (1540).
I bought a broken set of console + power supply for myself - I repaired the console, the driver with mosfets was flooded, after replacing console works ok (on the borrowed power supply).
The power supply that was included in the set, after turning it on, the LED lights up orange, after connecting it to the console, it lights up white for a moment and goes out completely.
The 5V line works ok. When I connect the middle pins in the plug, the power supply starts 12V, it lights up white and then it is ok. Without load it works fine.
Without load, everything is cool on thermo camera. After connecting to the console, when the LEDs go out, the R212 resistor starts to heat up strongly (the big, pink one).
I changed the electrolytes prophylactically, which often fall on this model (3x2200uF and 1x1500uF).
I checked the remaining capacitors on the board in the diode test for a short circuit.
I desoldered both transistors from the low voltage side and checked in the component tester - recognized ok, one NPN, the other PNP.
I also took out all 4 mosfets with the heat sink and one SMD - the components tester also recognized them correctly.
I checked all SMD diodes - they only conduct one way.

It is possible that one of the mosfets is damaged, even though the tester correctly recognizes it?
I am not able to read the markings from these ICs, it was stuck with some glue and I could not scratch it to read something.