Power up and instantly back off

Hi there, I recently got a ps4 that’s starting up and switching straight off. I’ve seen some YouTube videos that point out the same problem but my issue seems a little more severe. The blue Led lights up for a second and shuts off but no fans power up at all. HDD makes one small noise almost like a quiet beep then nothing.

Would be greatly appreciated if anyone has any idea on what could be the cause of the issue?

This is usually either an APU problem or power supply issue. Most of the time it’s the APU but every once in a while it’s a power supply problem.

Try to change the power supply

Thank you both, I’ll try a power supply since I have access to a spare if not then that’s unfortunate but I’ll get it sorted

If it’s the power supply fan can’t be spinin a while

Fan doesn’t spin at all

It’s the power supply no matter what it is

I put up a post yesterday (I think) about a chip being broken on the board, I just can’t find anything out about said chips so don’t know if they’re important