PP5 - J03 diode mode measurements

Hi forum!

I have a NSW that cannot charge JoyCons and fan not spinning when is plugged in the 15v charger, with 5V is working fine.

I went through in some diode mode readings and I see that my readings in pin 2 and 5 of PP5 mosfet is higher than it should be,
Also that value is the same or appears to be the same with the triodes (marked 42) and the another PP5 mosfet in the back of the board.

So my question is: Is this reading normal? If not what might be, what can I check?

Any help or idea is appreciate it.

Thank you!

Dont know, I would usually check the diode just below the fan connector.

Thank you for reply.

You mean the diode behind the fan connector? My version of switch doesn’t have that diode.

There is just one mosfet exactly next to the lcd FPC connector.