Predator Helios 300 Laptop, no power, charging doesnt work

Hello, I got here a broken predator helios 300 laptop, its got no power, cant seem to charge as well, this happened after I replaced the screen, the fault I did was I forgot to unplug the battery, I only static discharge the laptop by pressing the power button after 30 seconds, is my laptop fixable still?Did I short circuit and broke the motherboard in process? Looking forward for ur answers thank you

Is the charger original?
In these models it usually happens that without the original charger they do not charge.

When you say that you did not disconnect the battery, did you make a short circuit or any bad contact or spark when changing the screen?

The charger of the laptop is the original as it comes with the package, I did not see any sparks, as I was changing and connected the new screen of the laptop, the battery of the laptop I forgot to disconnect so I thought that was the issue why my laptop cant no longer power on and charge