Problem With PS4 Slim Fan - Too Loud

Hi! i have problem with fan on my PS4 slim. It was toooo loud, so I open the PS and I cleaned it with vacuum cleaner as much as I can, but I cant remove the metal plate which is over the fan housing because of some plastic melted pins? What should I do?

After cleaning its not that loud, but its not like it was new

Using a vacuum cleaner was probably not a smart idea. They tend to create a lot of static, which is bad for internal components.

Realistically, if the PS4 is loud, the best way to try to resolve that is to clean out the console & apply new thermal paste. With regards to those plastic clips, you can try to cut them slightly with a nice pair of small cutters or squeeze them with pliers. Try not to cut them completely off, so you can re-apply the metal plate once you’re done.

I have vacuum cleaner with air outlet, so I used it like canned air :wink:

Cleaning them out with a vacuum cleaner causes absolutely no problems at all.

Put new thermal paste on the apu I had a noisy ps4 I reapplied the thermal paste and she was as quiet as down side I lost the wireless antenna so I had to steal the wireless antenna from my other ps4

It could be true for an ESD Safe vacuum cleaner, however most vacuum cleaners will build up static then discharge to whatever is closest (I suppose it’s more common with people cleaning PC’s with vacuum cleaners), so it should be used with caution.

Sure they create static but this day and age static can’t do much companies counteract static so using a vacuum cleaner is pretty safe your in more danger of sucking up the fan bearings than damaging anything with static and that’s near impossible

Тhanks for your answers.

My problem is if I can cut the plastic melted pins, does anybody have experience with it.

I used vacuum cleaner but like fan, I used the air outlet, and it did blow a lot of dust. Now its not that loud, but not that quiet as it was

This video shows you how to remove those:

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