Problem with the eject function on a CUH1116A

Hello everybody,
I have a problem with a PS4 drive.
The drive reads games fine, i can play without problem but, big problem, the eject button didnt react at all…
I swap with an other daughter board and i hear the 3 bips when the PS4 is plugged.
So i think that i have a problem with the original daughter board but i dont really know how to search.
Could the STM8ED be eventually faulty? or have you any other way to search please?
Thanks all!

Update: it test tensions on the daughter board and i have 0v instead 1,5 on the encircled point.
So i will shop an other STM8ED chip and swap it.
I will send the result when i will have done it

Hello everybody!

After changing the STM8ED IC the drive is fully functional. That was this piece which was faulty.

Have a good day!

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