Problems by 2 Nintendo Switches

Hi Steve and community maybe someone can help me here …

I have 2 nintendo switches here from customers who don’t really want to

the first switch only charges 0.08A. does not display a charging symbol
install a full battery, the console goes on but also only loads with 0.08A. I did not find any short circuits on the board and the charging port is also ok.

the 2nd switch charges 0.41A. but has short circuits on all tracks I have already replaced the MT92 chip and also the video chip but still I have a short circuit if I let the console load like this the CPU may be warm, can it be that the CPU is defective?

I would be very grateful for your help suggestions and please excuse my english I am from Germany.

so greetings from Germany and have a nice day

For the first one I’d replace the Mt92 chip. This chip can be bad even with no shorted capacitors.

For the second one it sounds like probably a shorted CPU. When there are still shorts present after removing the charge chip and video chip it’s usually a shorted CPU.