PS 4 Slim (SAE-004) Beeps off - short under APU

Beeps but no power, the eject button gives 3 beeps.

Started looking on the board, found a short on a cap, isolated that part and looks like the short is coming from the APU, attaching a photo where the short is

(Isolated: removed every cap, mosfet, coil that conmects that part with anything else)

I guess it’s a no fix, but I might just don’t see something.

There is 5V present ont the power supply, but no 12V. There is also no short on the 12V rail

Well I can’t include media or links so here’s a small cheat: .com/file/d/1k6Lpgh-DZjgdf9ZxhrdGTT6G_MHOYGWr/view?usp=drivesdk