PS Vita analogue issue - not stick drift

Hi, does anyone know what IC is responsible for managing the analogue sticks inputs?

I have a Vita I bought a couple years ago with “drift” on the right stick so I replaced it and still the same.
If I swap the left and right, still the same
If I disconnect it, the left one plays up
If I disconnect both it still drifts
It has had a bit of water damage that I cleared up around the rear facing camera but not fixed the issue
Neither camera works even though I have replaced them both with new

This is not the usual issue I find on the internet so haven’t touched it in a while as can’t find anything else with similar issue so thought I would post here and see if anyone else may have an idea where to start with it

All ideas welcome :slight_smile:

I reflowed the below 2 ic’s and cleaned up the camera connector again as that was where the liquid damage was and got both cameras working now but the drift is still there

  • STMicroelectronics [3GA51H] gyroscope - PURPLE
  • Kionix [KXTC9] three-axis MEMS accelerometer - BLACK

PS Vita

Any ideas on where else to look for something that may be causing this issue?