PS1 Only displays Blue Color

So I recently bought a PS1 and have been having this issue since December 31st. My PS1 when turned on shows a weird glitched screen and then only displays the color blue, audio doesnt play at all and plays like 25% of the time. I first figured it was the AV cable as it was pretty mangled so i bought a replacement, still the issue persists. I was told on reddit that my tv was bad so i tested it on 4 different Tvs and still im getting the same issue. I disassembeled it and reflowed the sauter for the AV port but im still getting the same issue. I tried it with the disc and without the disc and im still getting the same issue, i even tried a new disc but im still getting the same problem. What would be the solution to this as i cant find answers anywhere.

Something i saw on youtube was someone was getting no video at all so they reflowed the video encoder. However i can sauter but im not confident in my skills do sauter something so small.

Its spelled solder, not sauter. I apologize for the misspelling.

Would check or just replace any capacitors near the AV port. Those going bad can cause all sorts of issues