PS2 AV Port/AV Multi Out

Hey guys and gals. I have a couple of ps2 consoles on the way that i will be reparing. One of the consoles has a damaged AV port, Does anyone know where i can buy these? i have had no luck searching for them on ebay or aliexpress or googles images. If someone could point me to where i can buy them that would be great also if anyone knows the real name for this port that would probably help alot in my search for them.


I usually find that stuff on google google image isn’t great when looking for parts it doesn’t give you all the results use standard google when looking for those parts

Normally Id use another ps2 id junked. Specific parts for older systems are hard to come by. You might be able to find a cheap “for parts/repair” system on ebay and use the part from there. Whenever I come across older systems at garage sales or goodwill i snatch them up for parts.

To exspensive to buy them for parts unfortunately. In Aus a good working ps2 with cables and 2 controllers would only go for 50 buks and stupidly a broken ones goes for about 30-35 with no cables or controllers.

Yeah i pretty much went like 30 google pages in and cant find anything

I have a couple of “parts” PS2s I can probably get that part for you. Let me know if you’re interested.