PS2 controller issues

I purchased a refurbished PS2 slim off of eBay a couple of years ago. It came with two Logitech wireless controllers. Shortly after getting it both controllers started to exhibit drift in the left joystick. As I had no idea what it would take to fix them I purchased two new Blue Lake wireless controllers from Amazon. I have been playing Star Ocean till the end of time and have reached the point where you have to use the pressure sensitive circle button to advance the game. Unfortunately, the Blue Lake controllers do not have pressure sensitive face buttons. And even though I have not used them all that much, both of those controllers are also beginning to exhibit drift on the left joystick.

As neither new controller has pressure sensitive face buttons, and I require that to continue the game, I am wondering what it would cost to get the Logitech controllers repaired. I am 67 years old and my hands shake too much and my eyes are too bad to try to repair them myself.

Another issue with the new controllers is that they are both on the same frequency. That means that I cannot use both controllers at the same time the way I could with the Logitechs. In other words, no player 2 available. This is another reason not to want to continue with the new controllers. And from what I found in researching it on the web, none of the new versions of PS2 controllers has pressure sensitive face buttons. Since Star Ocean 3 is one of my favorite games it renders these controllers unusable for me. So it appears that getting the Logitech controllers repaired to get rid of the drift is my only option.

Well, it may not matter. I don’t know where they went, and I have looked in every box that I have, and I can’t find my two Logitech controllers anywhere. I don’t know where they went. I am going to continue looking, but in the interim (and to be able to proceed with the game) I have purchased a wired controller that has pressure sensitive buttons.

I just received a brand new wired controller that according to the information is supposed to have pressure sensitive face or action buttons. I am getting the same result. It doesn’t matter whether I do a soft press or a firm press, long press or short press. I only get two of the four tunes played, and the short press tune is not the one I need it to be. Is it possible that there is something wrong with the PS2 that is causing it to fail to recognize the sensitivity? I hope I can get an answer to this quickly as I am not able to progress the game because of this issue.

Fwiw, I played this game on this PS2 with the Logitech controllers and with the Blue Lake controllers a little over a year ago. I have two saved games from that time and both of them are well past this point, so obviously it was working then. I don’t know what is causing it to fail now.

I called a local shop. They verified that it could be something wrong with the PS2. When I asked if they could repair it they said they don’t repair PS2s. When I asked if they knew of any place around that does they said not locally. I really don’t want to have to buy another PS2. I know you don’t operate an active repair service anymore, but I have seen you take in consoles from your viewers before. I am on a fixed income and can’t afford a lot. Is there any way you could see if you can figure out what’s wrong with my PS2 and fix it for me? I’m willing to pay you something, I just need to know what you would want.