PS2,PS3,PS4,PSP,Vita problems πŸ˜†

Luckily YT algorithm showed me a channel I was not aware about. Been binging for a couple hours. Motivates me to fix my old consoles. PS2 w/HD-powers up, seems to work, no video output. Replace the AV output? PS3&PS4- won’t accept or read disc. Seem to run hot. Been cleaned many times. Replace the drives? PSP Go- wife ran it over. LCD screen demolished, but everything is functional when plugged into a TV. Just replace the screen? In quite good shape and functional for being run over by a van. Vita-Just left stick drift. Clean or replace? I know this is a lot for a "question:, but I’m trying to find any simple solutions before I start ordering parts (PSP I have no other option).