PS3 accepting disks but not reading them. Also maybe GLOD?

So, I recently bought a PS3 fat CECH-K01 off of Mercari, and after cleaning it and ridding it of YLOD, I decided to turn to the problematic disk drive. It will accept my disks, but won’t read them. I’ve opened the disk drive up, and discovered that the mechanism is a bit wonky. The black bar on the side doesn’t connect to the black gear unless I move it, but I can’t do that when the top cover is on. It also doesn’t help that the PS3 has video output issues. I was very excited to fix this, so help with either of these problems would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

I am not entirely sure about the disc drive, but if the console has the GLOD its as good as dead. Reflowing/reballing it won’t help either, because the physical chip itself needs to be replaced

Thanks for the feedback! I’m a bit on the fence about it being GLOD, because after tinkering around with it I can get it to work, but after I turn it off, it will take a long time to get it turned back on. With the disk drive I’m going to just replace the laser. Thanks again!

Interesting. My guess is if its taking a while to boot up your ps3 could have the nec tokin capacitor issue, but its got a 50% chance of fixing the long boot up issue. Unfortunately its not really possible to tell whats causing that unless it ylods, because you can then diagnose it

When I first got it, the Blue-Ray drive was disconnected and worked fine until I connected the disk drive, then it showed the YLOD, but thankfully me and my dad were able to fix it the YOLD, but then we had problems with the video output, so it took me a couple of days to get something to show up on a TV. It doesn’t help that the hard drive needs replaced either. Can the hard drive be fixed or would I have to replace that too?

The hard drive has to be replaced. It is extremely difficult, if not impossible to repair one without the proper tools (which could easily cost 100x the cost of a 1tb hdd)

Thank you very much for the help! Could you recommend a PS3 Fat hard drive for me? I’ve been looking for one for a cheaper price, and I don’t feel comfortable buying a used hard drive. Thanks!