PS3 bought for very less money, trying to make it work

I bought this ps3 from a guy on my country who sells items for very less but without checking if they work. For me was fine, I thinked, if they don’t work I’ll fix them. I sold me, one ps2 (is working), two ps1 (one fixed changing power supply and dvd reader, for the other one I’m waiting for the dvd reader and those will be fixed both), and this ps3, actually it costed me 10€, so fine, both ps1 7€ and the ps2 15, which is fine. On the ps2 there was a modchip, i made freemcboot memory card with a copy of metal gear solid, extracting the dvd reader, and after three tries it worked and I was able to launch ulaunchelf and mod the ps2.

Anyway let’s go on the important part, the ps3, it doesn’t turn on, I ordered a power supply from ebay and it was 4 pin, I had to mod the cable from 4 to 3 pin to get it into, and the power supply works, I checked and the motherboard receives the energy. The issue is that it won’t power on. On this model seems that the Bluetooth and WiFi chip is separated from the mobo itself so I tried to detach it and insert the cable on the power supply but the ps3 didn’t get any light, it has no lights. At a certain point the red light worked for a few seconds I don’t know why. Anyway checking the chips on the mobo confirmed that they receive energy, and there are two on the corner, left the power button that if I go check with tester they power on, one is blue, another light up two lights one red, another Green. Please keep in mind that I’m new to this stuff and so maybe I missed something that for some other people was obvious. Before repairing the ps1 I never repaired consoles, only two phones.

Well it’s either that it’s the wrong psu or very likely an apu issue, if it is apu it means it’s dead for good. apu’s from my experience are unrepairable the power supplies are way easier to deal with.

From what I understand about APU is sometimes failed one are due to lead free solder having chance of developing cold solder joints especially if board was not prepped properly. Also reflow will not fix the issue permanently but reball of apu. Which is a complex process. Check out videos by The Cod3r on YouTube.