PS3 doesn't turn on

This is my first comment on this forum, I just signed in.
If I’m making a mistake, I apologize in advance.

2 years ago my PS3 (CECH-2004A) stopped turning on. Today I remembered to test and see if it works. I still can’t turn it on.
When I click on the button it starts up, the green light appears but soon after the console turns off. I have a video but I can’t attach it here. The console was never opened and still bears the warranty seal.

I searched on the internet and in several places they say that it could be the PSU, HDD or thermal compound but I wanted to be sure (or at least exclude some possibilities) to know what to do with the console.

As I follow the TronicsFix Youtube channel I remembered to see in the videos if I could find a solution but I couldn’t. That’s why I’m writing here.

If anyone can help me, I would be very grateful.

Best regards

Filipe Reis

It won’t be the thermal compound, thats for sure. Its possible its the psu or a motherboard issue