PS3 fat blinking red light, problem?

Hi, I have a CECH04 PS3 fat model which has a red light problem. This light usually indicates an overheating problem. I changed the top layer thermal paste which was pretty dry but it didn’t help.

When I turn on the console, it gives three beeps, red light (stand by) light goes to green and fan starts to spin for a second. Then it shows a yellow light for half a second and then the red light starts to blink indefinitely.

I know a PS3 can start without HDD and disc drive so these cannot be the reason. PSU failure usually won’t show any light or blinks yellow light

What other causes are there for this red light problem? Could the problem be in processors or capacitors? My guess goes to worn out lower thermal paste under the IHS (integrated heat spreader).

There is no such thing as the red light of death. Its actually the yellow light of death. You will have to do the syscon diagnosis shown here That will tell you whats wrong with it. If the problem is the gpu, whatever you do NEVER reflow or reball it as that will not fix the problem

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