PS3 No Power/No lights

PS3 fat variant, it has no power going to anything, ive tried a new psu just in case but both are putting 5v out, but the lights arent doing anything, i am able to manually turn on the red light with a multimeter with the power switch on and all 3 lights ( the red brightness increasing) when the psu is switched on, ive been trying to figure this out and ive had no luck

theres a switch on the back above the power socket, if its off it compleatly diverts power to stop there and aka waste the power but after flicking it on wow, the RED LIGHT I WAS FREAKING WAITING FOR!!! yeah I don’t know why sony put that on the fat ps2 and fat ps3 I don’t know why maybe for a power outage? I don’t know and even still if its off and a average joe doesn’t know their left thinking there ps3 or ps2 is broken and waste money or time trying to fix it. so its not just you alot of people have the same problem, brother.