Ps3 overheating

Hello there.
I have problem with my ps3.
When i start ps3 everything is ok. But after 5 minutes are fans loud like jet engine.
I cleaned it, changed thermal paste and still same problem.
I saw somewhere on internet that i can put down housing on GPU and CPU and change thermal paste there. do you think that can solve my problem? Or i should try something else.
Thanks for response.
P.S. sorry for my poor English.

im not really greatech but if you give the whole console cleaning maybe it will help and change room temperature if you can

The console was clean inside. I tried to change the thermal paste between the CPU and housing. Thermal paste was in a really bad state. I think that might help, but its really hard to change that thermal paste so I accidentally damaged console.

The ps3 has a separate apu to the gpu they both need thermal paste they are the big chips in the middle of the board

It could also be that the CPU chip under the heat spreader is in desperate need of thermal paste but I wouldn’t recommend doing this without lots of practice because it’s hard to pop the heat spreader off without damaging the board because of the volume of adhesive around it. That’s a big a reason these overheat. It’s one of the two giant “chip” looking components that you put thermal paste on, there’s actually more underneath the metal heat spreader top that you see. Again, DO NOT do this without ample practice or doing a lot of research because if you slip, you ruin the Motherboard