PS3 PRAM Battery

I bought a PS3 Slim CECH-3001a model on Offer Up for $20 said it work needed a power cable. Received it and turned on for a few seconds with fan then shuts off. Red light turns off and I press power button again and it the red light appears, press power again and turns on and does same thing and powers off. Tried new power supply, new AV power socket, and same thing. Turns out it had roaches and definitely smelled like roach when I opened it. I cleaned motherboard with alcohol and recently got thermal paste to clean other side of motherboard to re-paste it. Well I cleaned around the PRAM battery and tried lifting battery and broke the whole piece off the board. No other damage to board just that. I’m not sure what it does, and since I have thermal paste can I just paste it back? It has all the pieces and connectors but I just don’t know what to do. Also motherboard has brown spots on it that can’t be cleaned on edges of the motherboard I’m guessing from roaches, but is there anything y’all suggest to try and get this to work.