PS3 Slim no Blu Ray drive

Hello Everybody!

 I got a PS3 Slim a while back that I have been trying to rebuild. Initially I replaced the cooling fan because it was overheating. I also put in a new HD and started the process for installing the OS. This is where I hit a wall. I keep getting the "No Blu Ray Drive" error code. First I just replaced the laser tray and there was no change. Then I replaced the entire drive, still no change. All of my connections are secure. The only thing that happens when you power on the PS3 slim is that the laser twitches for about a half a second then nothing. Has anybody seen anything like this before? This unit has the drive controller on the motherboard, not the drive. 



Um excuse me I don’t understand what your saying

The Blu Ray drive on my PS3 is not working. Despite replacing both the laser assembly and the entire drive with known good components. The PS3 boots up, but won’t complete the OS install because it doesn’t see the drive.

It could be the ribbon cable or possibly the optical control chip on the mainboard or even something else entirely but likely the first two

PinkLightning, thanks for the response… My guess is it is probably the chip you’re talking about… I have tried two different sets of ribbon cables including the ones from the known good/working drive I tried to swap in to the PS3. Not sure that is a repair I want to tackle… Can’t find much about it online, either. I think I’ll just part it out and pick up another one… haha :slight_smile:

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