PS3 Slim Voltage breaks down

So I have a broken PS3 which has a red light, when pressing the on button it changes to green and beeps 1 time. After about a second the green light vanishes. Pressing the power button turns the PS3 to standby again.

I’ve tested the voltage of the power supply and its 12V so thats ok. Then I tried powering the PS3 from a bench supply in CC mode. The PS3 tried to take more than 1A which I think is too high? Connecting the power supply & the bench supply (so power supply to the 5v of the power button and the bench supply to the PS3 12v itself) which did the same thing.

The output of the PS3 supply shows 12V for 1-3 Seconds, after that it breaks down to 0. Which indicate that something on the board is shorting.

The board is a KTE-001, I’ve tested all caps and coils which showed everything was fine. Hopefully anybody has a new idea how to get to the bottom of this problem

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Not sure if it’s helpful, but you might try looking for mosfets with shorts in them.

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Hey there,
the power consumption of the PS3 can be as high as 200 W when playing games. If you supply the PS3 with 12 V, it should draw something around 17 Amps. I guess when booting it will draw by far less current, but still, it’ll need a few tens of Watts. With 1 Amp at 12 V it’d be 12 Watts, which is laughable for such a high performance computer.
I’d guess that your PSU is done. For a short time it can keep up with the demanded current, then it simply can’t anymore. Try loading the PSU a bit heavier with power resistors. If it can supply 100 W for a minute or so I’d assume it’s ok. I think the rated power of the PS3 is something around 300 W… So you should be fine drawing a few amps from the supply :slight_smile:

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That’s actually pointing to the psu being shot

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Thanks for your answer,

but I already tested alot of components on the power supply

The voltage doesnt suddenly break down to zero it goes from 12 to 11 to 10 etc. but that could be because of caps aswell maybe that might be a clue?

I’m trying your suggest as soon as I get time thank you!

Yea I assumed as much, but my main goal was trying to repair the PSU instead of straight out buying a new one, since is a APS-306

Hey there,
repairing PSUs basically is possible, but you’d need a good understanding of buck and/or boost converters and other sorts of switching power supply circuitry. Plus, if something goes wrong, the rest of the system usually is broken, too. As much as I like people repairing things, in my eyes for most people a PSU should be a part that is exchanged as whole.

The output voltage slowly dropping is a sign that some switch or switch controller in the PSU is not working as it should. I’d guess that a feedback divider is fried, but it’s hard to tell. Usually there should be a big capacitor behind the PFC circuitry. If the voltage (WARNING: VERY high voltage here! Touch the wrong place here and it’s lethal, I’m not kidding) there stays the circuitry behind that might not be working properly. If the voltage there already drops successively the PFC circuity might already be broken.

Yeah mate they usually take the board with them when they go making them impossible to repair at least every ps4 psu i’ve looked at has done that

Hmm okay yea I probably also spent alot of time figuring out whats wrong, possibly more than its worth (A new PSU is like 30$) :S. Anyway thanks for the help appreciate it. I probably then would just replace the PSU and try that

Hey there,
Sorry I can’t encourage you to repair the PSU. It’s not a worth the danger and the hassle.
Would love to hear if the new PSU helped, though :slight_smile: