PS3 super slim jet noise

Hi …

My PS3 super slim makes loud noises (jet like sound) … the console is cleaned and in very good condition…

Note : I played don’t starve game And the console was quiet but when I switched to red dead redemption on the main menu the sound started .

Thanks for your help.

Also it doesn’t heat up it is in a very good ventilation place… the system slows down even when you try to turn it off …

Do you play from disc if so it’s the optical drive if not the fan applying new thermal paste usually fixes it if the fan’s speeding up on high res games my black original did it with fallout 4 until I applied new thermal paste

The noise happens on both when I play using disc or downloadable games … already applied new thermal paste … and still makes the noise … Does the quality of the thermal paste makes difference? If yes please do tell me what brand or kind of thermal paste should I get … thanks a lot .

Update: I turned off the console when the fan was loud … and I let rest for hours … the console should be cold by now … but when I turned it on the loud noise still happening … until I unplug the ac cable from it … I don’t think the thermal paste is the problem maybe …

Check that it’s surface if perfectly flat but the super slim was sony’s worst model ps3 it was built cheaply so it’s possible the fan’s shot

I’m going to look for a replacement fan and see what will happen… thanks lighting… I will update later .

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No probs mate happy to help

I took the console to a tech fix shop … they said the fan and the power supply are good … they said maybe the cpu or something read the game or process the loading of the game … so if I skip cutscenes and just play the game nothing happens if I watch it is gonna make the noise … so I’m planning to get another PS3 … please tell me which Version is better the slim or super slim?

The best of the series is the ps3 slim the fat is famous for the ylod and rlod and the super slim was always having issues and had inferior chips while the slim was rather reliable