PS3 USB issues. Turns on and off constantly

Hello everyone!

Hoping to find some help with an issue I’ve run into with a console of mine.

I have a PS3 slim, 2101A model. The USB ports are malfunctioning and i can’t seem to get an answer from a bunch of different repair shops or people. When plugging in a USB controller, it doesn’t detect anything at all. When i plug my phone into the port, it comes up and it says that there’s an issue with the connection and to remove it.

It would appear that the power keeps turning on and off for the USB ports, and won’t allow a controller to actually turn on and detect

Has anyone by chance come across this before? I’ve opened the system, cleaned it out, ran some ISO100 through the port and cleaned it with a toothbrush (very carefully not to bend the pins) and it didn’t seem to make a difference. I’m thinking a chip has gone bad.


Thank you!