Ps4 1006 I changed HDMI ic then won't boot

hi, all, I got a ps4 1006。it’s blue light then change to white light, but TV no signal, so I try to repair it, I changed HDMI IC and one absorber( above the HDMI IC have 4 little black cube), and then I turned on ps4, it’s blue light after one second then turned off, I’ll listen a small sound, like 'ka… da… ', I try to change power supply, the same problem.
I check where is better on mother board
help me please
sorry about my bad language

Probably you’ve shorted something, or new ic is not good…

thanks a lot, bro, I checked, it’s short in image

this problem form where?

I removed APU, till short

and I removed HDMI IC but still short ,I don’t know HDMI port short can bring about short in picture location??