PS4 1215A ce-30005-8 error

Hey folks,

So most larger games simply wont copy application to my PS4 from a disc. for example GR Breakpoint gets to 19gb/40gb just fine and then the disk slows way down it says and error occurred and I have to restart it but the same result. Same result as the Divison 2.

I was able to get Nascar Heat 4 installed just fine. 1.00 app size was 3gb only
I was able to get CoD MW to install also after several attempts and it took all night to install.

Every time the install failed I get the above error code. (HDD or disc drive issue) as stated by the PS4

I replaced the Hard Drive and still get the same issue so I scratched that off the list.
The disc drive seems okay. I am able to play Call of Duty and nascar. However when the other discs are trying to copy app around the 19gb mark the drive starts making some less than normal noises and the disc will spin and stop repeatedly and copy slowly.

Console is free of dust as well as the disc drive. Anyone else see this?

There is either hardware issues with the External Hard Drive or there could be bad sectors with the Internal Hard Drive itself or it could be the blu-ray/dvd player