PS4 1215a issues

Hello, I apologize this may be kinda long winded.

I’m in a bit of a spot with a PS4 a coworker brought to me to clean and to reapply the thermal paste. It would power on and work for 10 -15 minutes then power down. All the while the fan would be running for all it’s worth.
No blue warning screen and no 3 beeps to signal an over heating issue. It would just shut down, once it cooled down you could repeat the process.

I tore the system down cleaned an unbelievable amount of dirt out of it and applied fresh thermal compound. While I was inside I noticed the lithium Ion battery had leaked pretty bad. There was corrosion around the top of the battery and pooled up in and around the socket. I cleaned the area thoroughly and inserted a new battery. The battery had swelled. It was difficult to remove.

It’s back together and the disc drive does not function. It will not take a disc nor will it eject if there is one in the drive. The eject button will sound once if there is a disc in the drive and twice if empty. When the system is in a powered off state attempting to insert a disc will turn it on. The flex cables from the main board to the drive are in good shape. No damage that can be visibly seen. It will not spin up when there is a disc fully inserted either. Also the settings that the battery controlled it will not keep. If you set the date and time, power it down and remove the main power. Then power it back up it forgets everything.

Thanks in advance.

I replaced the flex cables to the drive in the off chance I damaged something taking it apart and no change.

Was the disc drive working before?

According to the owner, yes. I took their word for it since it was having problems overheating. The thing was absolutely packed with dust and dirt. All I did was power it up and let it run to see if I could get it to shut off, which it did. Though not in the conventional manner.

I didn’t even realize there was a disc in it until I had taken it apart and saw it when I flipped the drive over. So when I got it back together I tried to eject, it failed and I had to do it manually.

I wonder if the battery isn’t making good contact? I remember in one of Tronics vids he was working on an old toy that wouldn’t get power and even though the batter was touching the contact just fine, the coating had been worn down so it wasn’t making a good connection to the battery. idk if that would affect the power cycling issue but it could answer at least the issue of it dumping settings.


That’s a possibility i hadn’t considered. Since the battery had leaked and there was corrosion all over the area, it may have eaten the plating off the contacts.

As far as power cycling goes the unit powers up and runs fine now. It’s as quiet as can be after I cleaned the dirt out and applied Arctic Silver-5 to the chips.

My issue is that now the disc drive is refusing to work. Since I didn’t test for function of the drive. I’m just going on the owners word that it was working previously.

Had you taken the disc drive apart while cleaning? Just be sure the two black arms are activating these sensor switches. Those tell the rollers to pull in or eject the disc. Without these activated, the drive will act as if it’s empty and will not spin the disc.

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Initially no I didn’t take it apart. After the problem arose I did tear down but the loading mechanism is making contact with those two switches.

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It’s possible it may need a new board. Or the chip on the motherboard is bad but that’s a bit out of my wheelhouse at the moment lol

I’ll not be much use to you in that department.

I was thinking that as well. I just wanted a second opinion maybe I had missed something. Either way the owner isn’t wanting to pay for a board swap.

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there is a possibility that a fuse was blown during the process or before… check for Andrew Paul videos, he explain which fuses are related to disc drive issues, this is a common problem… if there was corrosion i’m pretty sure there was a short which could be the cause of a blown fuse…

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Yes, be sure to check the fuses first. Very common problem.

I will try that. I’m not the handiest person with a multimeter. Do I need power to the board to check those? I have no way to replace them either.

Sorry for not responding. This forum absolutely refuses to load in Chrome, so I had to get Firefox just to get back here.