PS4 2nd Gen Dual Shock 4 Controller acting wonky - Took it apart to diagnose

So I have a PS4 controller which is OEM the Green camo one. Looks to be in great condition and seems like had little use. The X + O Buttons only 2 work seems and sometimes i can get all 4 to work. One trigger button on each side seems to work Analog sticks seen to work but I am wondering if I am having an analog stick issue as to when I use Windows 10 controller tester the 9 button seems to be stuck down which I am guessing is causing other buttons to not function properly? I replaced a somewhat mangled 12 pin cable that goes form charge board to main board and that did not fix issue, all pads, buttons were cleaned with IPA I found a little soda residue on the touch pad and cleaned it. I also checked for corrosion and could not find any with my jewelers glasses so I am kind of stuck here. Anyone else come across this?