PS4 analog stick replacement part recommendations


I want to replace the analog sticks on 2 controllers, I saw some replacement parts on amazon and ebay and all the comments say that the replacement parts either don’t click L3 and R3 or that they click but u can only click it if you are not moving the stick, so in games like fps you wont be able to run in 1 action you will need to click and quickly move forward.

I even saw some pieces called “3D analog sticks” I dont know if that is real or I need 3D ones or normal ones, I am not a tech guy tbh.

so, if you could help me I would appreciated it, I want recommendations based on your experience on what replacements should I buy and from where.

some more information

I have a regular ps4, not slim nor pro.
1 TB
2 standard controllers
the analog sticks are drifting, tested everything using gamepad tester.

Anyone?? I would really love some help please