Ps4 Blinking Blue Light Not Powering Up

Hi First Off Big Fan Watch all The Videos Very Helpful But Anyways I Have An Original Ps4 And Everytime I Turn It On It Starts Blinking Blue But Never Fully Turns On I Hold The Power Button But Doesnt Turn Off Unless I Unplug The Power Cable Than It Turns On All The Way And Works This Happens Each Time But Every Like 30 Minutes Or So Because If I Do All The Steps It Works Continuously ?

Hi! Unfortunately, this is most likely either a power supply problem or a problem with the APU on your PS4. There’s no way for me to know which of those it is. I’d probably try another power supply first.

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I had that problem with a unit swapped out the power supply she was as good as new not to say it’ll be the same with yours i’d advice to pop open the power supply and check for damage but remember hold the board by the side those capacitors give a good kick if your not careful

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Thanks Ill Try To Change The Power Supply

Thank You Ill definitely Try That As Soon As I Get A Power Supply