PS4 BLOD and strange sound on startup

When i start my PS4 i have BLOD and a strange sound not coming from the HDD (that i formatted recently).
I don’t know if that is fixxable because it got dropped from like 20cm but idk…

SOUND: youtube,com/watch?v=AVAoGYj0EXo

Did you tried to opened it yet?

Yes but i didn’t found nothing

i notice the strange sound you mention is already happening when you press the power button yet. Am i wrong?, and just quick question does your ps4 work properly now? except for the strange sound

Have you tried it without the hdd? If the hdd is the issue then the ps4 will boot to a screen saying no appropriate storage found. If not, im afraid your issue could be many things since you said it fell.

no it doesn’t work… it has blod.

I have tried but still nothing… i think it could be a damaged power supply or a APU problem?

More likely than not the apu was cracked or damaged. It could be the solder under it since you said it fell, but that might not fix it. You would be better off buying a new ps4 honestly.