PS4 Bluray drive - rollers keep spinning... then nothing

Hi everyone,

I started getting issues with my PS4 Pro blu-ray drive where I would get a weird repetitive clicking sound after putting the disk in. After bashing the console vigorously, the disk would settle into place and actually work. Inspired by Tronicsfix videos, I decided to give it a shot and take apart the console to see if I can fix this problem.

As some of you know, to take out the drive, PS4 Pro unlike Slim or original version needs to be taken apart entirely and motherboard removed. This makes drive testing very difficult as you can’t just power on the console in half disassembled state to observe how the drive works.
Upon disassembling, unfortunately I didn’t notice any obvious issues with the drive. The only thing that looked suspicious to me is that after rollers “suck in” the disk inside the plastic lever that is meant to close the drive and release the magnet requires a lot of force to release, in fact when turning the gears manually, after a certain point the rollers keep spinning but nothing is really happening unless I push the lever a little.

I haven’t really managed to figure out why this happens, there are no obvious defects anywhere, all parts (apart from the lever) look good. I looked very closely at how the lever works on the videos and its position doesn’t look out of place. I determined that perhaps that with sufficient power from the motor perhaps it will just click into place. Unfortunately, once I put the console back together, the drive does exactly what I thought it would: it sucks the disk in, spins the rollers for a while and then gives up. The “bashing” on the top plate that used to help doesn’t seem to do anything anymore, so I think I actually made the situation worse :slight_smile:

I tried taking the console apart AGAIN to see if I missed anything obvious but unfortunately no new ideas came to mind.

At this point, I decided that I might try posting on this forum. Perhaps, some of you came across a similar issue and might point me in the right direction? Is there anything I can do?

Btw, tried attaching a screenshot/link of the lever but the forum web-site says I am not allowed to attach them… :frowning: