PS4 boots but no controller function

I can boot up my PS4 like normal and it will bring me to the normal stuff, but my controller will just blink constantly and never get a connection. I have already tried connecting the controller with the charging wire provided and the controller still doesn’t work. I have tried multiple controllers on my PS4 and still nothing. The only time that the controller will work on the PS4 is when I boot into the safe mode it seems to work…

Have you managed to solve this?

Have you managed to solve it? We’re experiencing the same problem except our controllers will sometimes connect for short periods then stop functioning

Sorry for such a late response, I have yet to be able to fix it or find anything online that will fix it.

I am also having this problem. Any update and/or solution to this would be appreciated. Doesn’t feel like a usb problem if it connects in safe mode and still charges.

Hi, that sounds like the bluetooth/wi-fi ic chip has failed on the motherboard. Does the controllers work if you use a wired controller?

Same is happening to me, only works on safe mode, seems to be a software issue to me but already try a new hdd with a clean soft install and problem still, thinking maybe on a motherboard issue but don’t have any idea where to start looking

Its the southbridge has gone bad