PS4 Botched repair

I swore that I’d never be that guy, but here I am. I was repairing an HDMI port on a ps4 that I have recently bought. I got the port itself out then realized that I accidentally also removed one of the smaller components along the way. I have no clue what the component was or where it went. Is there any way that I could figure out what that was? This is a CUH-1215-A.

I think your best bet is going to be trying to find high res pictures of the board you’re working on. Try to find an exact match for the board so you can begin the tedious task of looking for what doesn’t match up. That was one thing i was paranoid of doing on my first one so but i have a junk board that I was able to practice on a whole bunch (along with watching some of Tronicsfix tips)

The HDMI system can work without come of those components so you might check to see if it works without it. That being said it’s probably best to have all the components there. I normally take those types of things from junk motherboards.