Ps4 cant access storage

Hey i have a ps4 i need help with. its coming up with can not access system storage ( CE - 34335 - 8 ) i got a new hard drive but still says the same thing

note: that i did pull apart to clean but put back together put new thermal paste in & was working for a few days no problem then after 3 days i think it was went to turn on & popped up with that thing.

If you installed a brand new hdd, I think you need to download the full ps4 software. Note not the latest update but 1GB ± system software from PlayStation website. Download to your computer and format a usb to fat32. Next create a folder called “PS4” on the USB. Now open that folder and create another folder called “UPDATE” and drop the file in there. Now boot into safe mode by placing and holding your finger on power on touch pad on the ps4 until you hear two beeps. Now connect your ds4 controller via USB cable and update the system software.