PS4 CE-35888-2 PS4 Original


I have 2 questions if I may:

  1. As the title says I have a console that I receive CE-35888-2 error which from what I read revolves around the Optical Drive being from another Motherboard.
    As luck would Have it I still have the Donor Board (it suffers from BLoD), so was wondering if someone can help out by identifying the CHIP the optical drive listens to, I would like to get the console UP and running.
  2. The Original Optical drive keeps spitting the disk and makes these weird sounds as well as turns on during the night, and I think I broke it tbh when trying to fix it… So if anyone has a detailed optical drive breakdown so i can try to fix it. I would be in your debt.

Both these problems fix the issue, but one does nto involve soldering so i guess it is the easier one. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you
Cristian Caravan