Ps4 controller bad soldering? help please!


I replaced a joystick on my ps4 controller, since changing the potentiometer plates and cleaning that area didn’t help with the “stickdrift”.

After soldering back the new joystick, both joysticks stopped responding when using them, after checking their condition trough “gamepad tester”, which showed that their are both going up/forward.

Where did i go wrong? i made sure that the solder isn’t connecting to eachother, and the i made sure that the new joystick is fully connected to the circuitboard.

Did i do a bad job when soldering? or did i maybe break something else?

Would be great if someone could give me some conclusions on what went wrong, since i made it worse.

FYI: im new to soldering.

Here is a picture on how the soldering went, i’ve noticed that i might have burned it a little bit on the right side.

The little brown square on the right used to have a little solder ball on it, i tried to solder one back, but the solder’ would’nt stick to it.

But why does both joysticks not work or react anymore? and both of them goes up/forward.

Could it be because of the little solder ball thats missing? i mean i don’t even know what kind of function it had.

This happened to me when attempted for my first time. Most likely too much heat.