PS4 controller blinking red light won't charge, won't turn off

hey guys,
here I have a PS4 controller whose PCB show JDM-055, the problem is once I plug the battery into the battery connector, the red light will blink continuously and you will never shut it down before you unplug the battery. fortunately, when I press the PS button, the controller will turn on normally and all the buttons are working fine, I could connect it to my PC with Bluetooth even though it is blinking red light and white light meanwhile, but it won’t charge no matter use the old and new charge port with new flex cable, I’ve followed the instruction on google and the problem is still there. what I’ve down below:

  1. change the charge port with a new one.
  2. change the flex cable with a new one.
  3. replace a new battery.
  4. reset the controller with a pin in the back hole for ten and more seconds. once I release the pin the red light back to me.
    if you suffered this before and resolved it, please let me know, thanks.

I change the charge usb cable with new one aslo, but nothing changed.

hi william

this is ic level problem
it is s2pg00 ic it most be replaced and requires soldering skills

Thanks, Bob, I have the same feeling about that and I’ve ordered a new S2PG00 ic cost me 20 dollars.

yess it is too expencive for repair … now days i am looking for better and cheaper altirnative ic

i hope my research leads me to somthing …

i will keep you updated

update here, the problem is gone after I replace a new S2PG001 chip.

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well done :+1:
iam from diffrent country at middle east

how much would you charge for this repair ?

actually it’s my friend’s controller, he pay the IC cost only. :grin: